About Trading Post Market

Our mission is to nurture the health and well-being of the Northeast Wisconsin community by creating opportunities to experience and support local food culture, education, and creativity.


The more ways we have to share food with each other, the stronger our community is. Our local climate and culture creates a unique opportunity to connect our community through through vibrant shared experiences around food.

Warm and welcoming

We like to think differently about what a market experience can be. Why should you choose between going to the store or going to a restaurant? At Trading Post Market you can do both. Stroll through the market, then meet friends at the table for Titletown’s best brew. This is a cozy, warm, and welcoming market in the heart of downtown’s activity.

Food Education and Creativity

This market is uniquely focused on showcasing examples of unique, creative local food culture and providing opportunities for everyone to explore and deepen their understanding and personal food creativity. As we grow, we will experiment with new ideas to create a market experience all about food education and creativity.


  • To increase year-round access to local, seasonable, sustainable food.
  • To provide learning opportunities for both the general community and producers to deepen food skills and knowledge.
  • To showcase producers demonstrating best practices for quality, sustainability, and environmental health.
  • To support the health of the land and the economic success of growers and producers through year-round production and market opportunities.
  • To support a unique, creative, visible local food culture that builds enthusiasm for Northeast Wisconsin.
  • To support the physical and mental health and longevity of the community through a nutritious environment for social gathering and interaction.


  • Open: We believe great food should be open and accessible to everyone, and accessibility and diversity is required to make great food.
  • Discovery: Discovery creates enthusiasm and curiosity for our community and the local, creative food culture.
  • Whole: The health of the land, people, and economy is a connected ecosystem. Let’s be good stewards together.

Market Organizers

Sarah McCarty

Cold Climate Farms

Ben Blohoweak

Cold Climate Farms

Kevin McGillivray


Alex Baranowski


Meredith Hansen

Brown County ADRC

Alicia Slusarek

Alicia Slusarek Nutrition Services

Tyler Brown

Alicia Slusarek Nutrition Services